Welcome to Power Concessions Store, we are a team of enthusiastic developers and businessmen who have decided to transform our common experience into an electronic window through which we seek to reach you to provide your needs Our customers with high taste looking for excellence, sophistication, and high quality… To “take care of you” by providing a huge range of needs and daily necessities And Personal is one of the best world-famous brands and high-quality products of personal care products, cosmetics, cosmetics, and personal care of high quality at competitive prices that suit everyone.

Our vision…

At Presm, we believe that we can be the best and strive to “take care of you” our customers with high taste who are looking for excellence and sophistication… We seek to provide your needs with high-quality products and the best international famous brands that fit and fulfill your aspirations to obtain the highest quality standards to satisfy our ambitions on our way To reach the provision of the best services, sales and support, and the continuation of our endless partnership with you.

Our target…

We work hard to be your trust to acquire your needs… and reach you anywhere by overcoming all borders and obstacles to continue your partnership with us by providing the best services and warm reception and attracting the best cadres with high training, experience, ability, and skill to work as a distinguished system in many fields with a team that accepts only creativity, competition and commitment To add the real value of the work to provide you with a service that lives up to your expectations.

Our Mission…

To “take care of you” in order to achieve your aspirations to obtain the best products with the highest international quality standards at competitive prices that suit everyone and to create an atmosphere of trust, interdependence, and permanent and continuous partnership with our customers of high taste by providing distinguished service supported by the experience that we have gained during the long years of work and diligence from Overcome obstacles and boundaries to reach you, our partners.


Free Shipping

For your peace of mind, we have provided free express shipping service to all parts of the world for orders above 350$ in partnership with the best-known and most secure global shipping companies.

100% money back guarantee

In order for you to enjoy shopping with us, we have worked to provide a risk-free financial service in partnership with the best, most famous, and safest global payment methods and companies and we guarantee a 100% full refund.

Online Support 24/7

Because you are important to us and in order to “take care of you”, we have worked to provide support 24/7 all year round.